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Are you affected by Strategic Dysfunction?

Updated: May 3, 2021

It's not just you - it's becoming increasingly common in today's world!

There’s increasing consensus that traditional (static) strategy planning & execution can paralyse businesses in these new, more dynamic times.

Andrew Walls' Strategy Design article for ‘The Startup’ on Medium is now as relevant to any corporate behemoth, as it was to the fledgling organisations it was intended for.

The article explains the limitations of the traditional approach, in a way we can all recognise - highlighting why so much momentum is lost straight after the ‘PowerPoint deck’ stage.

It defines an alternative, more dynamic approach for strategy definition - one that bakes in collaboration, transparency, consensus and ownership - the key qualities that supercharge any agile implementation phase!

His key insight relates to how the combination of both hard data, and soft 'facts', is critical to robust analysis and meaningful pathfinding.

Should you know of anyone who may be experiencing ‘strategic dysfunction’, then add them in the comments below.

Alternatively, go to to learn more about how to overcome this issue, or DM us if you'd like to ‘enquire on behalf of a friend’.

See the article on the following link:



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