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HBR : Many Strategies Fail Because They’re Not Actually Strategies

Updated: May 20, 2020

Freek Vermeulen's November 2017 HBR Article was one of the first to talk about the real reasons why many strategy execution attempts struggle to gain traction in an organisation, with some never getting beyond the "Powerpoint Deck" phase.

For Freek the bottom line for an effective strategy execution is that the strategy must be something that the organisation feels is worth executing, not just the C-Suite.

Here the C-Suite still set the overall direction by making the fundamental choices about what the organisation will do and more importantly "will NOT do" in the future. Sharing the logic of their thinking in a few key choices made that fit together in a simple narrative that people can buy into.

To turn the strategic direction into an actual strategy, Freek describes an interactive and iterative process where an organisation's management team are responsible for identifying, selecting, resourcing and delivering the initiatives that will bring the strategy to life.

In closing Freek suggests a route for businesses to accept the change that comes from ongoing strategy deployment as normal business, reaffirming that it's rare that legacy approaches will prove unbeatable over time.

For the full article, click on the picture above or follow this link to read it on the HBR site : (no subscription required)



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