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Heidrick & Struggles : Why Simplicity is The Key To Accelerating Performance

Updated: May 3, 2021

Alice Breeden and Adam Howe from Heidrick & Struggles have distilled down one key factor that empowers high performing organisations, and quite understandably that factor is simplicity.

But this simplicity does not imply small, their research illustrates how even very large organisations can pursue and achieve a level of simplicity that clears the way for a business to over-perform.

When looking at the common complexity in large organisations, they cite independent research that shows that "Complexity in large organisations has increased 7% annually, on average, within five decades."

Their model illustrates how the alignment of business activity around a simple strategy drives over-performance where that simplicity is also embedded in the operating model and culture over time.

"Easy to say" I hear you cry, but the article also gives some specific examples of how to drive down complexity and push for simplicity that we can all relate to. It also describes how todays digital transformation can support this effort, as each organisation moves away from the inherent complexity created by a legacy IT systems architecture.

The cultural aspects they outline are the key to sustaining the effort to simplify and over-perform, and everyone, from the C-Suite to the front line, must make their own contribution to really make it happen.

Check out the full Article on the following link :



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