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Raconteur : The Shift In Expectations of the CFOs role

Updated: May 20, 2020

It’s crucial that CFOs step up to the plate in driving their business forward through strategy.

For CFOs to be the true “co-pilot” to the CEO, the answer to the question of who’s driving the business forward is not an OR but an AND.

Ultimately the primary actions taken in from the strategy will cross the CFO’s desk before implementation. So who is better placed to initiate the strategy development process and begin with that end in mind.

The business of CFOs and CEOs gives them differing perspectives, albeit across the entire business. Where a CEO is often more market facing, the CFO is better positioned to qualify the real potential and impact of any choices made based on that market view.

Naturally each business unit and functional head has their role to play, but no one is better positioned to steer the mechanics of strategy development and implementation processes than the CFO.

When you consider how the strategy process needs to be fully integrated into the business planning cycle’s cadence, this proves even more true.

The Raconteur article linked outlines how this shift in the expectations on CFOs is impacting both the day to day tasks of the role and the wider perception of it.

Check out the full Raconteur article by clicking the pic above or following this link :

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